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Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week

24 Mar 2022

We bring the official e-ternity to the decenrealand MVFW. The Ultimate Seduction aims to highlight the plastic Hidden Beneath the Ocean’s Surface, with Nearly 16 Million Tons of Microplastic in our Oceans. New research shows that the amount of fragments embedded in the seafloor is far more than the plastic floating on the ocean’s surface. With The Ultimate Seduction, we want to raise awareness about the pollution in our Ocean and encourage more sustainable policies and shifts in behavior in how we consume and experience fashion. The Ultimate Seduction asks questions about the role that fashion can play in leaving a lighter footprint on our Planet. We will be donating a proportion of the funds from The Ultimate Seduction NFT Collection to Plastic Bank.

The film symbiosis is displayed on the Decentraland Metaverse fashion week rarible street.

The work is inspired by the symbiosis of the nature and digital fashion. The drop is part of a broader activation that also has a charity and educational purposes .

During the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week in decentraland, we build and share our exclusive digital couture, AR virtual try-on, NFT collection, exclusive wearable drop, digital film symbiosis and the immersive kind gallery.

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