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London Design Festival 20th Anniversary

17 Sept 2022

London Design Festival was launched in 2003 by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans. Building on London's existing design events, their concept was to create an annual event to foster creativity in the city, attracting the best thinkers, design practitioners, retailers, and educators across the UK, offering an unmissable Design celebration.

“London Design Festival is a fantastic event which brings together designers from across the globe and demonstrates the capital’s position as a powerhouse for the creative industries. London is known for its creativity and continues to attract the best companies and talent from around the world. I’m delighted to support London Design Festival, which shows that London is open to great ideas, innovation and people from all backgrounds.” (London Mayor Sadiq Khan)

#sustainablechina _

Official e-ternity's participation in the London Design Festival is under the theme of "Sustainable China" to discuss how design can evolve to respond to the urgent needs faced by our environment and society as a whole, with a focus on sustainable and regenerative design, new technologies, opportunities and challenges, diversity, and material innovation.

Time: 9.19-9.25, 12:00-18:00

Venue: 55a Dean St, London

Free reservation:

The creation of SYMBIOSIS 2.0 is inspired by the symbiotic relationship between natural ecology and digital fashion. As fashion designers and art creators, we hope to leave a smaller carbon footprint for the future of the earth, thereby increasing people's awareness of environmental and biological protection.

The marine creatures in SYMBIOSIS 2.0 are made into inflatable air sculptures and placed in the center of the exhibition area to alert visitors to the possible harm and changes to the environment from human activities. Modern society is the collision and fusion of industry and nature, deformed life forms are constantly being created, and human desires are constantly expanding. To change or to adapt is still an ongoing topic of discussion.

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